The Exports Department is operating the promotional and international development activities. Since 2015 the operations are structured in two domains, namely exports of mature products and international sales of newly finished development (licensing-out).

With an annual growth of more than 25% in the last four years and a steady increase of the company’s penetration in markets, Pharmazac is an ambitious exporter aiming to achieve a balance of domestic and international sales by 2020.
All exporting operations, from registration in other countries to the logistics and commercial management are implemented in-house by a team of experts in the field. At the heart of exporting operations lie two fast growing portfolios of mature products (see Export List) and New Developments (see Pipeline).

Top 5 Selling Export Products

  • LIP-DOWN (Simvastatin)
  • PRONZEK (Pantoprazole)
  • LEUPROL (Leuprolide)
  • ZAKOFIN (Terbinafine)
  • FERROPROL (Ferrous Inj.)

Top 5 Exports Destinations

  • Turkey
  • Kenya
  • Cyprus
  • Poland
  • Malaysia (incl. Roxydral)
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