International Business

Developing and manufacturing generic medicines in Europe

Pharmazac, a science oriented pharmaceutical company specialized in developing and manufacturing generic medicines in Europe.

A leading pharmaceutical company having a history of more than 30 years focusing on non-infringing and complicated generic products is gradually becoming one of the most well trusted partner for multinational and local pharmaceutical companies.

With a state of the art R&D facility having a GMP certification, headquartered in Athens, Greece , Pharmazac has a talented and experienced team of more than 120 employees from scientists, IP, Regulatory, BD, Customer Service to Supply management offering a complete portfolio and service.

Launching products in EU, North America, Australia, South Africa and MENA, partnering with leading pharmaceutical players, Pharmazac is a private and independent company focusing on delivering generics among the first players prior the patent expiry in EU, offering affordable medicines with an effective supply chain.

Product Portfolio