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Top selling products

With a top selling product in its portfolio, the business unit of Urologu has gained pace and strength in the years 2012-2016. LEUPROL, a unique version of Leuprolide (inj) is a market leader and Pharmazac works with a team of experts in the field for the medical information and marketing activities.

Pharmazac is planning a number of announced and currently confidential in-house and partnership projects to expand its portfolio, exports and presence in the field of Urology with a long-term vision to become a segment leader.

Recent & Forthcoming Developments

  • Pharmazac recently launched Q-Pain, a Diclofenac improved cutaneous solution that offers immediate relief from muscular pain. The product is expected to achieve the no 2 position in the market.

  • REINOST, a revised version of Diecerein will be launched in Q1/2017, ccording to the Development Department. The product is also under registration in four (4) countries.

  • Pharmazac will announce the in-house development of a new combination of Myoskeletal molecules soon, the Product Development team feels confident that a fixed dosage combination for pain treatment will provide better solutions to patients with chronic pain and osteoarthritis.


Products Released


Products Under Development


  • LEUPROL (Leuprolide/ Leuproreline Inj.)

  • BICAPROL (Bicalutamide)

Product List

  • ZOPROST (Alfuzosine tabs)

  • OMIDEX (Bicalutamide)


  • Dutasteride/ Tamsulosin*

  • Tadalafil*

Under In-House Development

  • Mirabegron*

  • Tadalafil/ Dapoxetine*

* subject to patent expirations