A wide range of therapeutic areas

Our most vibrant operational domain

Following on a 3.5m investment in Oncology products and partherships, Pharmazac holds a strong portfolio in this range of products and has developed several success stories.

The Business Unit has expanded in 2014 in the hepatology market, with Ribatrel (Ribavirin) and is currently supporting with a dedicated salesforce the Hospital sales in the Territories of Greece and Cyprus. Moreover, it has recruited experts in Tenders Administration and has achieved sales in International Markets.

The Business Unit’s strategy for the future incorporates entrance in niche generic products and the enrichment of the Hepatology portfolio as well as the support of high profile projects, including the launch of the first follow-up version of Liposomal Amphotericin-B (already licensed as Amphiprol) and the launch of Idarubicin and Doxorubicin.

Recent & Forthcoming Developments


Products Released


Products Under Development


  • AROMESTAN (Exemestane)

  • IZITOR (Irinotecan)

  • LUTECAN (Topotecan)

  • OBENEX (Gemcitabin)

  • PREVELODA (Capecitabin)

  • RIBATREL (Ribavirin)

  • TEZOLAMET (Temozolamide)

  • ZOLMESTAT (Zolendronic Acid)

  • ZAOLIN (Vinorelbin)

  • ZAKOTAX (Docetaxel)


  • AMPHIPROL (Amphotericin-B)

  • ZACORIST (Idarubicin)

  • DOXIPROL (Doxorubicin)


Under In-House Development

* subject to patent expirations