A wide range of therapeutic areas

A large and growing portfolio

With a large and growing portfolio of products and exporting activities, the Myoskeletal business unit is currently engaged in the developmet and promotion of therapies for osteoporosis, muscular pain and ostearthritis while in 2015 Pharmazac entered the area od medical devices. The Business Unit is a leader in the Rx Hualuronic Acid drugs as the developer of Arthryal, the first product launched in Greece. 

Pharmazac is planning a number of launches in 2017 and is forecasring substantial growth in the next few years. 

Recent & Forthcoming Developments

  • Pharmazac recently launched Q-Pain, a Diclofenac improved cutaneous solution that offers immediate relief from muscular pain. The product is expected to achieve the no 2 position in the market.

  • REINOST, a revised version of Diecerein will be launched in Q1/2017, ccording to the Development Department. The product is also under registration in four (4) countries.

  • Pharmazac will announce the in-house development of a new combination of Myoskeletal molecules soon, the Product Development team feels confident that a fixed dosage combination for pain treatment will provide better solutions to patients with chronic pain and osteoarthritis.


Products Released


Products Under Development


  • ALPHACAL (Alfacalcidol Soft gel. caps)

  • ARTHRYAL (Hualuronic Acid PF Syringe)

  • AXEDRONATE (Risendronate tabs)

  • ENERGOROT (Glucosamine sachets)

  • REINOST (Diecerein caps)

  • ZACOSTEO (Glucosamine eff. tabs)

  • ZAKODRONATE (Aledronate tabs)

  • PREGABALIN (Η.Caps)*
  • QPAIN (diclofenal cut. sol.)


  • Cholecalciferol 22.100 IU (tabs)

Under In-House Development

  • Vitamin D Combination (eff. tabs)

* subject to patent expirations