A wide range of therapeutic areas

Our most vibrant operational domain

The Cardiology business unit is one of the most vibrant operational domain of PHARMAZAC providing a large fraction of the annual pharma turnover (2015).

The products portfolio of several APIs and circulating brands covers a wide range of therapeutic areas and PHARMAZAC is also an exporter of cardiovascular medicinal products.

The Business Unit employees more than twenty employees in its marketing, promotional and product management operations and has a pipeline of five forthcoming generic formulations and innovative combinations

Recent & Forthcoming Developments

  • Pharmazac has become the no1 generic in the Valsartan and Vaslartan + HCTZ products in 2016, reaching annual sales of 1,8m euros in the Greek market only.

  • A generic version of Rosuvastatin will be launched in Q3/2016, subject to patent expirations. VACREST is expected to boost sales in the Business Unit.

  • Pharmazac will participate to the International Cardiology Conference in 2017 and 2018 as a Silver Sponsor

  • We launched in January 2018 the first generic version of Rosuvastati


Products Released


Products Under Development


  • ATORZEM (atorvastatine fc tabs)

  • LIP-DOWN (simvastatin fc tabs)

  • NOZAC (nebivolol tabs)

  • PAZERIL (fish oil epa/dha soft gel. caps)

  • PAZERIL (fish oil epa/dha oral sol.)

  • PRESS-DOWN (losartan fc tabs)

  • PRESS-DOWN PLUS (losartan + htcz fc tabs)

  • ZAKODIAN (valsartan fc tabs)

  • ZAKODIAN PLUS (valsartan + hctz fc tabs)

  • ZAKOGREL (clopidogrel bisulfate fc tabs)

  • ZAOFER (ferrous gluconate eff. tabs & sachets)

  • ROSUVASTATIN (fc tabs)*


  • Amlodipine/ Valsartan (fc tabs)*

  • Amlodipine/ Valsartan/ HCTZ (fc tabs)*

Under In-House Development

  • Rivaroxaban (fc tabs)*

  • Ticagrelor
  • Apixaban

* subject to patent expirations