A wide range of therapeutic areas

Corporate Profile

Pharmazac is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical firms in Greece and a top investor in Rx and Healthcare solutions. The company has been awarded several prizes for its performance and growing business units and has recently been characterised as one of the Greek Economy gems.

Pharmazac’s business units and activities cover the full spectrum of pharmaceutical services as it is operating in-house the development, regulatory, medical promotion, manufacturing and logistics of medicinal, herbal, food supplement and healthcare products.

The expanding assets today include installations of 22.000 sq.m. (9.100 under development), a portfolio of more than 100 licensed brands in Greece and a growing international pool of registrations as well as investments in top-tier projects. Moreover, a widening number of partnerships with large firms (GE, TAKEDA, SANDOZ etc) guarantees a swiftly growing reputation and exposure.

Pharmazac in Numbers

  • Established in 1986

  • Products Portfolio (APIs): 86

  • Business Units: 8

  • Turnover (Combined): 23.7m euros

  • Locations: 5

  • Total Space: 23.908 sq.m.

  • People (FTEs): 75

  • 5 year growth: 42%

Board of Directors


Antonis studied Geology at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds a MBA from the Hellenic Management Association (EEDE). In 2009 he joins the pharmaceutical sector as a Key Account Manager at Proton Pharma and later promoted to the position of the Area Sales Manager, until 2014, when joined Qualia Pharma as an Operation & Trade Manager

Antonios Papageorgiou

Commercial Director

George has extensive experience in the pharma business and is considered an expert in formulations and development operations. He has worked for Pharmathen, Viofar, Biospray and Kleva before joining Pharmazac in 2015 to coordinate the new Research & Development Lab and lead the in-house product development projects. George received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from NTUA

George Florakis

Director of R&D

Nikandros has a diploma in Psychology and a postgraduade diploma in Communication, Advertising & Marketing. Nikandros is experienced in sales and marketing positions the elite pharmaceutical firms in Greece and has served for many years at Pfizer, BMS, VIANEX, Gerolymatos PNG and others. He is in charge of the Marketing Planning, PR and Promotional Operations.

Nikandros Miliopoulos

Marketing Director

John Bouros, born in Athens and graduated from University of Reading in BA Economics and MSc in Health Care Management from Surrey Business School in UK. Following a successful career in the Business Development at Pharmathen SA, Venture-Life Plc and GlobalPharma Partners Inc., holding senior positions both in Athens and London. John has found and developed Alvion Pharmaceuticals headquartered in Greece and since 2017, John joined Pharmazac as business development director . being responsible for the implementation of Pharmazac's international expansion strategy across all continents.

John Bouros

Business Development Director


Administration Team

A team of experts is leading Pharmazac’s strategy and operations. The executive leaders have substantial experience in top management positions in leading organizations. Among the top staff, Pharmazac’s executive team includes the former Marketing Director of ORGANON,Hellas, the former Managing Director of GE Healthcare as well as technical and QA staff leaders from the key players in the market.


Pharmazac’s governance is regulated by the Board of Directors, setting the strategy and the remuneration policies while a strong executive team operates the tactical decision-making. Dedicated committees on Corporate Reputation, Compliance and Human Resources Strategy overview specific areas of importance for the firm and since 2016 a special Advisory Team is engaged in the company’s mega-projects and the Plan of Investments.

Matrix Structure​

Pharmazac is organised as a Matrix where Operational Departments (Development, Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Information, Distribution, Financial Affairs, Exports) meet the firms’ business units that are dedicated on specific domains of the pharmaceutical and healthcare business.

As part of a dynamic recruiting strategy, Pharmazac welcomes approaches and confidential discussions with established professionals in the field, wishing to enter a fast growing firm and enjoy an excellent business environment and competitive remuneration packages. Direct approaches may be sent straight to the top management of the company